Essay On Stingrays

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Have you ever heard of a stingray? Even if you have, did you know that they can weigh more than a piano? Or, that they can’t even see their prey when they hunt? Stingrays truly are full of surprises! One amazing fact about stingrays is that they spend a majority of their time serene and not very active. Most of their little movements are reactions to the waves. In addition, stingrays are often eaten by large sharks, crocodiles, orca whales, and birds as they fly along the surface of the water. Plus, their spines are needle-like, however, they only use them as a form of defence. We all know some stingrays are gray, but do you know why? The stingrays that live in more profound water are a blackish color or a very dark gray so that they can blend in with the dark sea floor. If a stingray lives in shallow water it is usually a lighter color. They all cover themselves slightly in sand to camouflage. …show more content…
Also, their long tail drags behind them. Their mouth and gills are both located underneath their bodies. Plus, the barb which is part of the spine, has very acute edges and a sharp point at its tip. How prodigious can a stingray get? They can grow up to seven-hundred and ninety pounds. This is two-hundred and ninety pounds heavier than a piano. Plus, stingrays can get up to fourteen feet long. The diet of a stingray includes mollusks such as clams, oysters, and mussels, with a slight bit of shrimp. They have a very strong jaw to break through all of the hard shells. When a stingray hunts, all it does is peek its eyes out of the sand and wait until something that interests it comes along to eat. Gulp! Since a stingrays eyes are located on top of its head, they use their sense of smell to catch their prey instead of their eyes. Stingrays across the world are majestic creatures who certainly deserve way more attention than what they

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