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Was the stability that the World State established worth the price? Aldous Huxley’s science fiction novel Brave New World portrays a world where all forms of pain and suffering are eliminated, where happiness and pleasure are persistent, and where society is contained in perpetual stability. Although the World State does hold stability, the price that they have paid for it was not worth the cost. By establishing this new form of stability, individualism is eliminated within the World State while also science is steadily trying to take over mankind’s place in the world. Through scientific adaptations, regular citizens believe that they find happiness through “soma” (Huxley 209), but with mankind’s gift of freedom, that is where people will …show more content…
“When the individual feels, the community reels” (94). This quote in which Lenina expressed to Bernard means that the community is prioritized over the individual. So if an individual were to start performing unusual actions, the World State would not try to help the individual like we would in reality but they would eliminate any possibility that would risk the stability of society, which means it could result in the banishment of that individual from the World State just like Bernard. Judging by Huxley’s description of the World State, it almost feels like Mustapha Mond is treating the citizens that he controls like objects. Mustapha Mond is one of ten World controllers in which he controls Western Europe. Mustapha Mond utilizes his citizens merely for their specific actions and if an individual is on the verge of becoming stressed or in any sort of pain, all they have to do is use “soma” (209), an ideal pleasure drug that eliminates all types of pain and suffering and give pleasure. In the novel, it is clear to the reader that collectivity do have some flaws because it is all depended on science. The World State can not depend on “hypnopaedia” (25) and “soma” (209) to solve …show more content…
But through freedom, that is where each and every individual can experience true happiness because each person can have the liberty to explore what life has got to offer and not just be conditioned to what they were assigned to be. Freedom can also bring stability because now multiple different minds can work together to help build civilization and not just one sole controller. The price of the stability that the World State established was not worth the cost.
Huxley’s novel Brave New World shows the reader how the World State eliminated human traits from reality such as individuality, the respect for mankind and freedom. By eliminating these aspects of life, the World State was able to gain stability which was not worth the cost. The World State is all functioning through science and artificial happiness but at the “Savage reservation” (88) or also known as “Malpais” (105), people who express their individuality and freedom are placed in a confined area, separating them from the World State. In Brave New World, Utopia truly means “no

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