Essay On Solar Energy

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Solar Energy
Solar energy is one of the greatest inventions that has changed lives by bringing power to thousands, and has the potential to help all! The sun emits enormous amounts of solar radiation. Solar panels are built with a very complex structure. Solar power is being used all around the world, mostly by more developed countries, and has the potential to be effective everywhere in Africa. Solar energy can be used for everyones electricity needs by making their home efficient and power bill smaller. Solar energy can eliminate the use of a hot water heater. Solar provides ways to get the air conditioning and heating off of the power bill, therefore, saving money. Solar energy is pro earth as well due to the fact that it does not produce
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The sun gives off radiation by short wavelengths to the top of the atmosphere. Seventeen percent of the radiation gets reflected back to space from the clouds. Air molecules send back eight percent, and six percent is reflected off the surface. In total that is thirty-one percent that is reflected back to space. This is known as an albedo that leaves sixty-nine percent of radiation that is not reflected back, but nineteen percent gets absorbed by dust, the ozone, and water vapor. Four percent is absorbed by the clouds. This leaves forty-seven percent of radiation that hits the Earth’s surface. Forty-seven percent of the sun’s radiation six hundred watts per square meter of energy hits the surface. When one does the math on an eight-hour sunny day that equals forty-eight hundred watts per meter. This is the same as a tenth of a gallon of gas for one meter of sunlight radiation. One thousand square feet of solar radiation is equivalent to twelve gallons of gas or four hundred and fifty kilowatts per hour. The typical household during winter uses two thousand to three thousand kilowatts per month. Imagine the roof of a house is one hundred square meters, on average that rooftop sees about six hours of solar radiation, with solar panels on the roof that cover one hundred square meters provides three hundred watts per square meter, the roof is one …show more content…
Germany leads in using solar power with thirty-one percent of their citizens having solar panels installed helping them with their electrical needs. What is incredible is that Germany does not get a large amount of solar radiation. Germany does have a solar cell that systematically works more efficient than others. Europe as a whole is beginning to catch up with Germany using solar power. France does lead in using thermal energy which is another form of photovoltaic cells. The United States is in fourth place using solar panels. The leading state is California. The California Solar Initiative develops more efficient solar panels for the state of California. The state of California alone has two gigawatts worth of solar power. Two gigawatts of power is enough for a plant to give out to power homes. New Jersey, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado are not too far behind with their solar power. In the United States, more financial groups are coming up for homeowners to have solar power without the upfront cost. In 2013, the United States had eighty-five hundred megawatt capacity. That is enough to power one and a half million homes (Maehlum). Africa has two thousand four hundred kilowatts per hour every square meter of solar energy. That is enough to power forty thousand sixty watt light bulbs

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