Essay On Sociological Imagination

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“Imagination and creativity can change the world.” (Anonymous) With a little enthusiasm and knowledge we redefine our society and ourselves in society. In this paper I will be examining the relationship between sociological imagination, the Clinton and Lewinsky scandal, and the break-through of the Euro in eleven countries.
What is sociological imagination? C. Wright Mills (2001) describes it as estimating our own destiny by discovering ourselves in this century. In order to do this we have to view ourselves through a different sociological lens we normally wouldn’t see with our own eyes (Macaluso, 2015). The sociological imagination is just an idea that helps us evaluate our own society without directly involving ourselves (Macaluso, 2015). I will be applying this idea in my paper by describing how it plays a role not only in the two news articles I have found, but also how it can be seen my life at that young age.
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News of the scandal broke out around the United States. The affair shocked millions of people and it eventually lead to an impeachment. Mills (2001), states that in order to understand history and biography in our society, we have provide our own insight into things that happen. President Clinton was not the only president to be impeached, there were two others. The sociological imagination is taking a step back look at a broader view of human behavior in order to understand it (Macaluso,

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