Essay On Social Media Addiction

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In current day America, people ranging from a large assortment of ages are all using one or another form of social media. No matter what ethnicity, gender, or social class people are getting online from the east coast to the west coast. People use social media for a variety of reason such as, to stay in contact with family and friends, to fill up spare time, share their personal life or opinions, and mostly to keep up to date with current events and news. Although the reasons behind why people use social media seems fairly legit and important, the general population is beginning to believe that people are using at a all new high. In theory though, who says that there is people with an addiction over social media?
A lot of us have a large network of people in our lives; I know personally between all of my family/extended family and my friends it probably gets into a couple hundred of people. Social media makes it ideal to make an online site where I can keep up to date and in contact with them. The fact of social media is being used for communication makes it fairly hard to declare it an potential addiction when frankly communication is a very important resource you need for modern day. Personal communication when it comes to touching base with friends can be seen as more of a luxury that isn’t really important. Despite personal
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As much as I cant blame people who do spend a good portion of their days online, I do see a point where they have to draw the line. I believe once it crosses to the point where it’s getting in way of ones current life. I feel it is more prominent in our younger generation from young teenagers up to young adults in their mid twenties on average. It has been seen that some teens cannot go 10-15 minutes without checking messages or any sort of notification on social media. A big issue with it is the introduction to smart phones and their social media

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