Essay On Social Inequality

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Social Inequality
Task #17 Assignment:
Use your resources (e-lecture, textbooks, online sources, etc.) to define the following terms in your notes:

1. social inequality:
An existence of unequal opportunities and rewards for different social positions or statuses within a group or society.

2. socioeconomic status:
An economical and sociological combined total measure of a person 's work experience and of an individual´s or familyś economical and social position in relation to others, based on income, education, and occupation

3. class system:
A organization of people that is based on income.

4. caste system:
A class structure in which is determined by birth. it means that in some societies, if your parents are poor, you are going to
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He has been a lineman for Green Mountain Power for 18 years, he realized he was getting to the point where it hurt to climb up poles every day, so he decided to look for a job that didn’t require excess amounts of exercise and sun, he came home with sunburns every day at his old job, so he decided it was time for a change. He applied for a job in the control center at Green Mountain Power. He was skilled with the trade and he thought it would be a good fit. But there were guys fresh out of college, and people that were already working there going for the job too. Those guys had higher degrees than my dad did. But my dad was skilled in that specific position. He knew how to talk to certain people and how to process certain devices, a transferrable trade from his last job. The managers saw that and they hired him. But the other people that applied thought it was unfair that he got the job. So that is my example of achieved status when it comes to …show more content…
I don 't know about prestige that much, but they have made their parents pretty proud. On my mom 's side her mother works for Orvis’ giant company building. She processes the website and finds new clothing for them to add to the website. My mom’s father and stepfather both work for a parts dealership for different companies. On my father 's side his dad passed away but his dad was retired and was working at hannafords. His mother has Alzheimer 's so she had to retire from her job at IBM earlier. My mother has exceeded her parents, she is a promotional products and and apparel dealer and is number 7 out of 300 people in the country that have the same job. She brings in 6 figures a year which is more than what her parents make, and she is highly respected throughout the country. My father has made more than both of his parents, and makes a lot of money, but the company he works for isn 't respected through other people so it may not be very prestiged. So therefore my parents have exceeded their parents in everything but the prestige part is the debatable part. i don 't know How my future career is going to work out for me in the future, but if it is as successful as my mom is than I probably will be successful as

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