Essay On Skin Diversity

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The Color of One’s Skin; History, Education and Wealth
Nearly half-century has passed since the end of the civil rights movements in 1968. The goal was to end racial discrimination and segregation with African Americans and secure equality before law for blacks in the United States. Although the civil rights movement caused a change in the way African American society was treated; there is still the question as to what caused a border to form between people of a different skin tones? How does their skin tone affect the establishment and the progression for their people in the 20th century in the United States? The significant in different skin tones of Americans started with slavery, when blacks and Europeans had sexual intercourse, which caused
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When it comes to the relationship between wage and the labor market the most salient indicator of race is skin tone. In earning wage there is the most difference within African Americans of the people with the lightest skin tone, comparing to the difference between Americans with median and darkest skin tones. Where the two darker complexions do not pertain to the relationship between skin darkness and wage for men and women in the African community. Collected from The National Survey of Black Americans (NSBA), where skin color is sample from non-standardized interviewer perceptions on a Likert scale with five …show more content…
The color of a person skin can affect how they are looked upon. Seem to be a border within the society of the human being in the United States that cannot move on from the past. The past of when slave owners put people of a lighter skin tone on a higher pedestal, the beginning of where the idea of lighter the skin tone the higher you are on the economic scale. The closer you are to being as one with a white person. Although history doesn’t allow the lightness of skin change what and where a person of color because of the concept of the “one-drop rule”, even if in the current 20th century it is more so established to be the “rainbow rule”. These rules are what make lighter skin tones have an advantage in work places and the society, where studies shown they are more educated and more likely to receive a higher pay wage than of a darker complexion African American. These borders will continue to happen, not because of history but because of the education system. Children learn what they are taught, there must become a change in teaching young minds of the wealthier community for there to become a change to happen in the society. That will open the minds to individuals to move just form the stem courses in school to the liberal arts where they could learn the difference in what sort of person people are to what type of person they can be. Schooling must

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