Essay On Similarities And Differences Between Ww1 And World War 2

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Comparison and contrast

World War One & World War Two

The 20th century has experienced two of the most horrific human conflicts in the history of humanity. World War One and World War Two were harsh and cruel, filled with injustice and despair; even towards the winning side. The damage caused by the wars was substantial, both wars killing tens of millions and the damage enough to economically cripple any country that was involved Even though both wars were equally incredibly inhumane, the second world war had a more lasting impact on Europe and the world in terms of casualties, severity, and long term consequences. Just how deadly were both the wars? The fact that we estimate the number of casualties in the tens of
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WWI was mainly fought on the battlefield with limited use of airplanes or advanced naval ships. Soldiers fought in trenches and exchanged gunfire with guns and early automatic rifles. Troop mobility was also very limited during that time. Technological advancements in the auto industry were still in it’s early stages and were meant for civilian use. The French army first used vehicles to transport soldiers in WWI, from that moment the use of troop carriers has found it’s place in all conflicts that took place after WWI ended. Just before WWII, the world economy, or rather the US economy, was going through a huge boom that led to many of the technological advances that changed the way we live. State of the art weapons, army vehicles, naval warships, and warplanes were available to many of the european nations at the time. At the peak of his power, hitler had an army of researchers and scientists developing and building new, deadlier weapons. Weapons of mass destruction. Although Hitler’s scientists were able to develop deadly chemical and biological bombs, it was the united states that was able to develop the deadliest of them all, the atomic bomb. Atomic bombs were used against Japan in WWII. It was the first time man was able to kill an entire city within a couple of minutes. It just goes …show more content…
It was very favorable towards the winning side and didn 't really address the destruction that was caused by the war by not offering solutions to help makeup for the losses. It was all strictly political and lacked the element of leniency. If anything, some might say this bitterness between the countries that was not addressed was one of the reasons that led to the Second World War. Contrastingly, by the end of WWII and with the support of the remaining world powers, the United Nations was formally established in an effort to promote prosperity and friendliness among nations and to prevent future deadly conflicts. Like the United Nations, other financial international organizations were founded to help support the economic and infrastructural consequences of the war. But other long term consequences of the Second World War included the Cold War. Power was shifted from European countries to the US and the Soviet Union. The US and the Soviet Union were very polar in ideologies, and many of the smaller conflicts that happened in less developed countries after WWII was fueled by the tense standoff between America and the Soviet

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