Essay On Significance Of World War II

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Significance of WWII
World War II had a massive impact on the world. German aggression led to genocide of the masses while destructing beautiful German land with concentration camps. Also, with improved military and war tactics, soldiers could kill more then ever before. WWII shows us that one man can brain wash millions of people, causing a horror that will never be forgotten. With the rise of Hitler the world saw the negative effects of dictatorship, and the public saw why turning a blind eye is never acceptable. This war changed the mindset of many people. Although World War II is a repercussion of World War I, the Second World War is more significant since the holocaust forever impacted the Jewish culture, along with improved military tactics
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Soon the Jews were deported to ghettos before being transported to concentration camps. Once at camps, families were divided into “able-bodied workers” and “the rest”. Those who did not make the cut, specifically women, children, and the elderly, were gassed immediately while the others were sent to work in the labor camps. Those forced to work usually worked over 12 hours a day doing hard physical work, wearing nothing but rags, malnourished, and always fearing punishment or death. The Jews who did not fit social norms, such as twins, were sent to the “hospital” where Nazi doctors performed medical experiments on prisoners. Most of these experiments were unscientific and had no regard for the health or safety of the victims. The horrors that occurred inside concentration camps are disgustingly unbelievable. Todays Jews are reminded to “never forget” so such hatred is never …show more content…
The United States of America dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. The invention of the atomic bomb was a secret war project started in fear of Germany creating one. It was dropped on Hiroshima because it is home to an important Japanese Army base. Never having dealt with an atom bomb before, Japanese officials were confused as to what had happened. When President Truman announced the dropping of “Little Boy” he stated “ that bomb had more power than 20,00 tons of T.N.T.” He also mentioned “ with this bomb we have now added a new and revolutionary increase in destruction.” The United States created something that had never been seen before; a bomb that could destroy a massive city in a matter of minuets.
Another invention of this war is one of our most lucrative ones to date: penicillin. Although penicillin had been discovered pre-war, the need for penicillin due to infections from war injuries forced companies to develop a way to make the highly effective medicine accessible to the masses. By the end of the war, several strains of penicillin were produced and some versions were 20 times more potent than the original strain. With the use of penicillin, the chance of a wound getting infected was highly reduced and soldier survival chances increased

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