Essay On Should Minimum Wage Be Raised

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Did you know that 29 states have already raised the minimum wage above 7.25? The current minimum wage is hard to live off and many people across the United States are protesting. Even though some argue that raising minimum wage could cost some people their jobs, but that would only be teens. Even president Obama has been calling for a raise in the minimum wage, at least around $10.00 an hour (Trugman). This tells us that even president is on board with the minimum wage increase. “Raising the minimum wage will put half out of jobs while few others making great wages (Trugman). Maybe the government should think about how to increase jobs with great wages also. Minimum wage should be raised because you cannot live off $7.25, it could boost the economy, and 29 states have already agreed to raise the current minimum wage. It is impossible to live off of $7.25 because the cost of living has went up and it is impossible to support a family off of $7.25. “No one can live off the current Federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour -- a figure that has not moved a penny since 2009”. (Gardiner) This quote says that the minimum wage has been that low since 2009. This supports the claim because this tells us …show more content…
But that will leave them homeless and hungry. “Raising minimum wage will decrease jobs for teens. “ (The teen unemployment crisis) This quote supports the counter argument because it tells us how the minimum wage increase will decrease jobs for teens because there will be less jobs anyways. Teens will miss out on jobs because the companies would rather give the positions to individuals that are parents that have families to raise and bills to pay. Also if the minimum wage is $10.00 an hour or more companies will need to save as much money as possible because they still need money to keep their businesses up and

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