The Pros And Cons Of Meat Consumption

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Should animals be kept for human food consumption? Do you believe animals are meant to be eaten by humans? Those are the questions people have been asking for many years. Some would say animals shouldn’t be eaten by humans, while others will argue that animals are meant to be eaten by us humans. Humans have been eating meat dating back to 1.5 million years ago. Since, we have been eating animals for so long, it was meant to happen for some of us to eat meat and others to be vegetarian or vegan. Even if humans weren’t meant to eat animals then what are the abundance of them meant for? There are so many chickens and cows out around the world that we wouldn’t know what to do with them. The animals that have fur aren’t only used for clothes, but …show more content…
What this perspective means is that it is showing both sides of the people who eat meat and people who don’t. There are many pros and cons for the person eating the animal. Many people out there don’t like the idea of killing an animal to later then be eaten. Animals should be consumed as food for humans. Humans are omnivores and not vegetarians. If animals were never meant to be eaten then our ancestors would have never brought us to this day were we eat so much meat. There is some evidence that shows that our ancestors were eating meat about 1.5 million years ago. The main reason to eat animals is for the source of protein they provide us when consumed. Also we are classified as omnivores. When eating meat it can provide you with vitamins, some of the vitamins are only in meats and cannot be found in any plants. With this the people who don’t eat meat have to take supplement to get the vitamins that are found in meat products. You have to also take into consideration if you are eating processed or unprocessed meat, the reason is because studies show that processed meat can relate to a higher risk of cancer. Another thing that people should take into consideration is what you actually think is meat. For example some people would argue that a burger at McDonald’s actually has real beef in. While some of the meat from a fast food restaurant is actually meat, some of it may me mechanically made. The bad part is that …show more content…
These people have their own reasons why they don’t eat meat, some say that it’s because they don’t like the way the animal is killed. Other say that it was the way they grew up, not eating meat, so this is the person they have become. Some people feel that the way animals are killed are inhumane. In other cases people don’t eat meat because they believe that it is healthier for them. One may say that the plants they eat are good for them because they have lots of amino acid. Amino acid is good because it is the building block for proteins. Other sources also say that there is more calcium found elsewhere besides milk. Some examples that have more calcium that milk are kale, almonds, some grains and more. After reading “Inside the Slaughterhouse”, this article shows why some people don’t like the conditions some animals are put through, to just be a meat on our plate. Many people don’t actually understand what an animal goes through in the process of being killed. The animal when gone through the process of being killed isn’t peaceful and does actually at times feels the pain it is going through. Some people believe that an animals has one cut to the throat and never feels any pain after that, but it’s not the case when one has read the article. For example, a cow is raised in very harsh conditions and is given antibiotics to prevent diseases in the place that they live in. At times the antibiotics can

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