Argumentative Essay On Sex Offenders

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Life or Death- Sex Offenders More and more accusations are being brought to trial. Many men and some woman are being put behind bars, they had urges to attack or sexually assault someone that could not fight back. It 's been happening all over the country, usually someone close to the victim. Sex offenders are showing their real colors, acting out on crimes that could potentially harm someone. Thesis; The history how it came to be such a controversial topic. What types treatments are available to be taken inconsideration. If society show view sex offenders as prisoners and sentenced to life incarceration, or if they should be viewed as patients that require lifetime of psychiatric help. What are the different types of sexual offenses that …show more content…
Sexual offenders that appeared to be mentally unstable for the outside world were put away. Many were placed into mental institutions where they “no longer posed a threat to public safety” (Chittom and Cushman 1). A few years past by and some laws were created for example one of the laws included the transfer of sex offenders that appeared not fit to roam the streets were placed into mental institutions. There had been new legislations that were being passed to keep the offender locked away for a long period of time. In fact, laws were created to “prevent sexual offenders from re-entering society” (Chittom and Cushman 1). In 1999 Florida had started The Jimmy Ryce Involuntary Civil Commitment for sexaul offenders, However, they were confined into special treatment;from within these treatment centers there was “reports of neglect,sexual misconduct, and drug use at the treatment centers”. The offenders that have been receiving treatment were already convicted once or have been convicted more than once already. A bill was passed declaring “ offenders can not receive multiple convictions for the same offense” (Chittom and Cushman 1). Since offenders have committed the same offense more than once society will more than likely view them as “mentally ill, and worthy of

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