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Self referrals- Self-referral is a system of access that allows patients to refer themselves which basically means for them to go see someone preferably a doctor directly, without having to see or be prompted by another healthcare practitioner'
Professional referrals- professionals’ referrals is when a care professional recommends and refers you to a medical or paramedical professional. For example someone goes to visit the GP and to see the doctor about their pain on their knees. The doctor takes basic test and if it’s severe then the doctor may ‘refer’ them to a hospital to get X-ray scans and seek more complex help that he/she cannot offer.
Third party referrals- Third party referrals refers to a person who are told to see a doctor or some sort of care
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Oral glucose test= The client may also be sent for other blood tests. An oral glucose tests is performed by a doctor or a nurse, where they ask the client to drink a sugary drink and blood glucose levels are tested every half an hour for a period of 2-3 hours. This type of test is taken after a fasting blood glucose test is taken. In a person without diabetes, glucose levels rise and fall back quickly, as the body produces insulin naturally. If, however, the client has diabetes, there will be a constant high blood glucose level, as the body is unable to produce insulin to lower glucose levels in the body. Therefore, if all the glucose tests taken within the 2 hours reveal a glucose level higher than 10mmo/l, then this indicates diabetes.
Finger pricking:
After a physical check up the doctor requested a blood test, blood can be taken from a patient in two ways, either inserting a syringe needle into the vein or by a simple finger prick.

Investigation for Dementia after check up with

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