Essay On Secularism And Christianism

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Register to read the introduction… Secularism and humanism tend to focus on man’s cultural achievements and his possibility of getting fulfillment in this world. Darwin’s theories placed the authority of the bible at stake, for example its theories of evolution made the creation story in Genesis chapter one to look erroneous. The bible was taken to be simple a collection of different literary genres ranging from poetry to parables and stories among others, that simply spoke of human conditions. This led to the development of new critical approaches to the bible, aimed at questioning about the facts it …show more content…
This movement was aimed at denying the authority of the scriptures, which is the word of God. Denying the word of God amounts to denying God’s authority and power leading to acts of even questioning about his existence. The existence of God and the authority of the scriptures are the essence of Christianity; they are the pillars upon which this faith is based. The removal of these facts made Christianity no different from atheism. iv. These efforts were aimed at merging Darwinism beliefs with Christianity to reach a compromise or a point in which both theories can be accepted. The allowance of scientific reasoning diluted Christianity and its influence, teachings, values and its belief systems.
v. This movement denounced the existence of miracles, divine healings as stated in the bible and they rather preferred naturalistic explanations of these events. They perceived miracles to be legends or myths that never existed and by this they denounced the existent of the spiritual world. The bible declares that God is a spiritual being not capable of being seen by the spiritual eyes. The fact that a person does not experience miracles or has not seen God does not nullify his existence and therefore the act of denying the existence of God led to further attacks on

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