Essay On Seatbelts

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At some point in history seatbelts were not even required in cars the safety demands have changed and have improved thanks to technology. Throughout time technology has improved there were no back up cameras and no sensors in any car. Now in the year of 2016 all of these things are commonly available. On January 1, 1968 ( the seatbelt law was passed. Which meant that all cars should have seatbelts standard in any models after that date. I feel that this is just one; advancement of how technology has kept up with society’s demands for technology. Over time technology has become more advanced like your phone in your hands. It is now basically a computer that you can speak into. Our cars we can now put in a destination and it will take …show more content…
When you are backing up from a parking spot or your driveway sometimes there are things that are hard for someone to see from certain angles. That is why I think having a rear camera is a great idea because it could mean the difference between hitting something or someone, which could keep your car in good condition, and you won’t hurt anyone. Having sensors in a car can be a great help another example of why sensors are a good idea is some cars have sensors in their side mirrors as well. By doing this when driving in traffic when a car is too close to yours it will alert you so that you can be safe. “The same in-car technology is being used to avoid accidents involving lane changes and blind spots in side rearview mirrors” ( Something that is not of safety but for the peace of mind of parents, yes a TV in the car. When parents are driving it is hard for them to keep their kids out of trouble so having a TV in the car can keep the kids quite and the parent driving safely throughout their trip. People want the newest thing that’s out on the market with all the new details that the old model did not …show more content…
Companies like Toyota or Mercedes’s include seat and hand wheel warmer. These are not safer but these are the things people will shell out more cash in order to have more comforts in their car. These comforts keep people coming back for newer and shiner toys and in turn gives fuel to the car companies to keep up with the demands that the American people want.
I feel that car companies are doing a good job at keeping up with public demand for the newest technology in today’s vehicles. It is hard because everyday something new is coming out everyday one day its 3d touch and the next it’s a better audio. It seems that the more technology advances the harder it is for anyone to keep up. That is why I think that car companies are doing a great job at keeping up with the demand of new technology in their cars. Even more than that the fact that people are technology advanced now than they were more than 60 years it is necessary for companies to keep up with the

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