Essay On Same Sex Marriage In The Catholic Church

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In today’s society, people all over the world are beginning to speak up about what they believe in more than they would at least fifty years ago. One of the topics people are speaking about is the conflict of same-sex marriage. This past year, America passed the law of same-sex marriage to be legal in all fifty states. An issue people still may face, who are gay, would be the view of their relationship by the Catholic Church community. Although same-sex marriage is frowned upon in the Catholic Church, really this should not be looked at negatively, because same-sex marriage is legal in all fifty states.
In the American Constitution, it states in the fourteenth amendment that anyone and everyone in the country should be equal. With one of the country 's historical documents stating equality, religious life should take a look at what is really important. The importance is that love shouldn’t be looked at negatively by race, sexuality, or other reasons. If the United States Of America can believe in same-sex marriage, then why can’t the Catholic Church? Same-sex marriage is also legal in other countries besides the U.S. and therefore, is becoming a powerful movement. The Catholic Church
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In the Catholic Church, God is said to give love everyone no matter what race or sex. Catholics never hear God discriminating against race or sexuality in general, therefore, same-sex marriage shouldn’t be viewed as immoral. Also, marriage is a sacrament of the church that is celebrated out of love, not by race or sex. If you’re Catholic, the Church teaches that God accepts humans for who they are as long as the show love for Him and obey the Ten Commandments. Where in the Ten Commandments does it say specifically that same-sex marriage is a sin? God looks at people being different in their own way. So essentially in God’s view, if a couple is gay, it should be alright to get married in a

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