Essay On Russian Culture

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For my ethnography project decided to study the Russian culture. The Russian culture is very unique in many ways. Growing in a big Russian family and seeing how different I am from others around me I wanted to learn more about the Russian culture. In many ways it is different and interesting to learn what my ancestors were like and how they lived. Just imaging all the amazing things that they did and I am proud to be part of this culture, even though I don’t know much about it. There are many things that a culture consists of, in this essay I would like to talk about what I think the Russian culture is like. The major religions in Russia are Orthodox Christians, and Pentecostal Christians. Diversity of religions in Russia is widespread. Persecution for religious beliefs was a major historical event that happened over many decades. Some Christians believe that they sacrifice themselves …show more content…
Gatherings for holidays and birthdays, or even just for fun. Gatherings are a big part of the Russian culture. Ballet is a part of cultural practice in Russia or just dancing. Russian writers like Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy still are, taught in many Russian universities and schools as big figures from Russian history. Food is a big part of cultural practices. Borsh and piroshki are one of the most common known foods that Russian’s eat. Any time a someone stops by at a Russians house they won’t leave the house hungry. Russians are very welcoming.
I think that Russia is one of the largest countries in the world. During the winter Russia is very cold and during the summer very hot. It’s located somewhere in Europe near Ukraine. The Ural Mountains are one of Russia’s pride is the Ural Mountains, that I think run across the western part of Russia. Russia is the largest country in the U.S. It takes up I think about five thousand miles east to west. Russia is a very pretty country that has many places to

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