Essay On Respect My Mother

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One of the values that I have is to always respect my mother; some of the things I have done in my past, I’m not the proudest of, and I know that my mother does not approve of what I have done. I wasn’t the smartest person with my decisions and just did whatever I wanted. There are about three things I used to do to my mom that I would never do now; lie, disrespect and trick, and, looking back, I understand how horrible of a child I was to her. Now I can say the person I have become now is someone who makes my parents proud, and I am now proud of the actions I’ve taken and the accomplishments I have made.

About a year or two years ago I wasn’t friends with the greatest people and I just went with whatever they said we should do, I would tell my parents I was going one place and go somewhere else, lie about what we did that night, etc. I always felt guilty about what we had done but because I had fun I pushed the guilt aside and just ignored the feeling and continued to do whatever I pleased. Of course, my parents aren’t stupid, and they found out what had happened, one of the people I was always with happened to be my cousin. My mom informed her mom what was happening, and we had to sit down separately and either try to lie about what had happened or just tell the truth, I knew I was cornered so I spit everything out and just let my mom know what was
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My parents and I had a long conversation about what had happened to my friends at the time, we got in touch with every one’s parents and let them know what had happened and everyone had gotten in trouble and grounded for varying between 6 months and a year for some of us. Coincidently because I told my parents right off the bat what had happened, and I did not lie to them I was only grounded for a short period and got to keep my phone with me throughout the

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