Essay On Racism In The Movie Crash

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Racism has been a worldwide issue for many years and throughout those years racism has been very visible. Some people tend to show or express how they view different races more than other people and sometimes people tend to hind how they feel about it. Sometime people begin to change for the better or the worse when it comes to how they view racism. In the movie Crash directed by Paul Haggis racism is shown through many scenes with different characters from different ethnicities. One character that has changed is John Ryan. John Ryan has shown change by showing how he feels about other races.
In the beginning John Ryan is angry and frustrated because he trying to get medical help for his father. He is not able to because the insurance will
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Ryan is out on patrol and arrives to a crash that has just occurred. He rushed to an over turned vehicle with a women trapped inside. Ryan proceeds with caution to rescue the lady but when he sees her he realizes that it is Christine, the woman from the night before that he had touched inappropriately. She also recognizes John Ryan and begins to scream and panic. This is where John Ryan begins to change. John Ryan realizes that he has to save this women or she will die. The first example how Ryan has changed is when he is able to finally calm down Christine and tell her that she is alright and that he is not going to hurt or touch her. Another example that shows he has changed is when he pulls her dress down her leg when it was hiked way up around her thigh. The last example that shows that John Ryan has changed is when her return to the burning vehicle to save Christine when other people pulled him out. John Ryan successfully save Christine and both have a look of shock along with gratitude on each other’s faces.
In conclusion John Ryan seems to come to an understanding that no matter what someone’s race is that they are people that are similar to him. John Ryan begins to see that the world can be small and that he may never know when someone who he has talked to or done something inappropriately may need him in a life or death situation. It doesn’t matter where someone is from or what their skin color may be, people need to understand that even though we may look different on the outside, it’s what is on the inside that makes who we are and is what really

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