Gender Inequality In Schools

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Schools are influenced by society. By observing schools in America, our society’s values are revealed. When schools are observed, it is evident that our society is racist. Racism is the belief that one race is inferior to the other. It can be expressed through blatant statements and actions, but more commonly expressed in our society by the way that minorities are affected. The word minority includes the races, ethnic groups and social classes that experience discrimination. In our society, minorities are oppressed in the educational system. They are not given equal opportunity, and their culture and experiences are deemed less important than the dominant culture. Therefore, they aren’t as likely to achieve the same success as White people. If they do, it’s because they worked adamantly to overcome the obstacles placed to prevent minorities from succeeding. This discrimination starts to affect them the moment they are born and throughout their lives.
Minorities do not have the same opportunities as White people do. This inequality begins when children are old enough to enter preschool. Poor children, who are commonly minorities, do not have the opportunity to attend a preschool to help them get ahead of the curve. Consequently, they are not prepared to compete with other students that have
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Anybody who does not adhere to these rules, cannot and will not succeed in America. The problem is that there are some people who have never been taught the rules of the dominant culture. Because of this, there are subcultures that are ignored and unappreciated. This causes children to feel that the culture that they identify with is wrong and unimportant. The reason that this is so common is because White people tend to ignore the voices of minorities. White people can determine what is “considered ‘truth’ regardless of the opinions of the people of color” (Delpit, 1998:

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