Essay On Rabies

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In the world, there are numerous diseases that humans can contract from animals, but rabies is one of the most serious. Rabies is a deadly disease that is spread by the bite of an animal and must be treated immediately. Although untreated rabies is lethal, when immediate medical treatment is administered, the human’s chances of survival are excellent. Rabies is a very deadly disease and is passed through the bite of an infected animal. According to the article “Health Guide: Rabies” located in the New York Times, “Rabies is spread by infected saliva that enters the body through a bite or broken skin.” Once an infected animal bites a human, the virus travels from where the bite transacted to the brain. When the virus reaches the brain, …show more content…
This is believed to have been caused by infected saliva that has gotten into the air, usually in bat caves” (“Health Guide: Rabies”). In the United States, any mammal can spread rabies (Balentine). According to rabies expert, Doctor Jerry R. Balentine, “The local health department will usually have information on which animals in the area have been found to carry the rabies virus.” This information will vary based off of where one lives. There are many symptoms that can occur if rabies are transmitted to a human: “The actual time between infection and when you get sick ranges from 10 days - 7 years. This is called the incubation period. The average period is 3 - 12 weeks” (“Health Guide: Rabies”). Some symptoms that can occur from rabies are drooling, convulsions, exaggerated sensation at the bite site, excitability, loss of feeling in an area of the body, loss of muscle function, low-grade fever, muscle spans, numbness and tingling, pain at the site of the bite, restlessness, and swallowing difficulty (“Health Guide:

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