Psychosis Leads To Murder Essay

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Psychosis Leads to Murder
When a person has thoughts to commit a murder, do they simply act upon it or have seconds thoughts and considers the consequences. What thoughts are running through their mind at that particular moment and in what state of mind are they in. Murder is not something we want to see or hear about, we feel a sense of sympathy towards the victim. It is terrifying to know that someone can take the life of another human being. Those that kill sometimes do not feel guilty for committing murder because they do not realize what they have done. A murderer can suffer from psychosis, effecting their ability to function in society, have difficulty in adapting or in processing information. What will happen when a person with an episode of psychosis is unable to tell the difference between fantasy or reality. Can psychotic behaviors lead to violence or even murder?
Psychosis is “the inability to recognize reality, relate to others, or cope with life’s demands” (Valfre 343). Symptoms of psychosis includes hallucinations or delusions. Hallucination is a sensory perception of what is not there, such as hearing voices or seeing things that are not real. Delusion is a belief that is contradictory to what is
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Treatment for psychosis includes a combination of therapies and medications with the help of a multidisciplinary team. A multidisciplinary team are mental health professionals that consist of psychiatrist, psychologist, nurses and social worker. There is a decrease in relapse and hospitalization with their help in providing psycho education, behavior and family therapy, and vocational therapy. Hospitalization is only required when an individual pose as a risk to himself or others (Valfre 350). Treatment plans vary with each individual depending on their severity. Early interventions programs help to detect the first episodes of psychosis and decrease relapses in

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