Essay On Proletarian Revolution

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4. A proletarian revolution
Mao’s Cultural Revolution is less commonly referred to in full as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Proletarian revolution is defined as a social revolution in which the working class overthrows the bourgeoisie and upper class. The ideas behind a proletarian revolution aimed to preserve true Communist ideologies of China by getting rid of the capitalist and traditional elements in society, moreover its goals aimed to re-impose Maoist thought as the dominant ideology of the Communist Party. The Revolution symbolized Mao’s return to power after the failure of The Great Leap Forward. The Revolution differentiated itself from Mao’s prior attempt at Chinese rebirth in that it was created to be led by the people rather than by a form of government. The Great Leap’s failure can be directly linked to the creation of communes by the government and the severe pressures which were placed on them. Mao’s
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The Cultural Revolution’s short-term effects were positive in empowering the people throughout China, but its long-term effects would prove to be a complete failure by its end with the massive loss of life and destabilization of the government and productivity for decades to come. The original ideas behind the revolution and its true intentions had been derailed and lost in the fervor of the Red Guard which caused the people to lose the true sight of their goals. Mao’s social upheaval and attacks on the bourgeois and revisionist party system would eventually produce a result opposite to the origins of revolution which he intended, leading many Chinese to lose faith in their government altogether. Had Mao’s predetermined goals been met and ‘revisionist’ ideologies replaced, the revolution would have proven to have been more

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