Essay On Why Professional Athletes Should Be Paid

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Why Professional Athletes Make Too Much For What They Are Worth
Swish goes the ball, after Kobe shoots a three and scores, think about that one shot he just made more than most american workers with that one shot. When professional sports started, they sky rocketed with fame. Everyone wanted to be part of them, and be famous just like all of the athletes. If professional sports did not exist, think about were all of the money could be, then most of our failing companies can start to thrive with some of the money that is wasted in sports. Most athletes have designated brands of clothing they wear, because they are sponsered by them and get all of their clothing for free. Professional athletic salaries should not be as high as they are today because the money could be going to other places, the amount of overspending on athletes is unnecessary, athletes are receiving too much fame, and professional sports are not important.
There is so much money spent on professional athletes
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Athletes have tons of fame, because all of the people make them have such fame (Levary). Athletes are so high up, and are looks up to by many people, their standards should be set higher than the average person. Some athletes are caught using corked bats, performance enhanced drugs, but still do not receive the punishment that should be given (Hanson). Athletes have to go out and be perfect at what they do, so they can make a name for themselves, so they can have the fame that the want. Athletes are always looked over for doping and steroid use in sports, but all they receive are some suspensions. When athletes take steroids or dope, then in the future they will have bad health problems. After a professional trainer or doctor finds out about an athlete taking steroids then they start giving treatments, examine the athlete, or start to supervise the athletes health (Ashby).Athletes should not have as much fame as they do for playing a

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