Essay On Poverty And Poverty

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Poverty certainly has a negative impact on ones health. The cycle of poverty leading to low levels of education and skills, unemployment, poor housing and environment, lack of social and community interaction all have an ill affect on ones physical, mental and emotional health all of which are equally important for a persons positive wellbeing and self esteem. The function of this essay is to look at the determinants and models of health and show how a vulnerable person living in poverty is disadvantaged.

People are said to be living in poverty when their income and resources are so inadequate they prevent the person from having a standard of living which is seen as acceptable by society (Irish Government 2007).

People in poverty
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Wilkinson (1996) showed people live longer in countries with less income inequalities. Japan had the highest life expectancy in the 1980 's and also had the lowest levels of income inequality with Sweden coming second. People in Japan and Sweden are shown to live longer then people in the USA and Britain where income inequality is greater. People living in the USA in states with the greatest inequalities were 30% more likely to report their health as fair or poor than people living in states with less inequality. Opposing to this some researchers feel that income inequality is not the only factor in play in these studies but that many factors interact with each other including cultural, economic and social factors (Archer et al 2001). For instance the travelling community have a life expectancy which is 15 years shorter then the general population as a result of lifestyle, safety and …show more content…
Vulnerable people such as the elderly, people with a disability both physical and intellectual, people who suffer from poor mental or physical health and the travelling community all have an increased risk of being disadvantaged in education and employment, having low incomes and poor housing and also being socially excluded from the communities all leading to poor overall health. People living with these factors can have increased rates of poor mental health, drug and alcohol use and obesity from poor nutrition and availability of fresh food in communities with little public transport for a low price. Those people with low incomes often lack the resources of money, transport and access to nutritious food often opting for cheaper alternatives which are high in fat, sugar and salt contributing to obesity, heart disease and diabetes. For example it is found that Derry has the highest level of child poverty in all super out areas in Northern Ireland with two thirds of children living in poverty whose familes have to decide whether to heat the home or purchase nutritious food (Belfast Telegraph

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