Essay On Poor Hand Hygiene

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Hand hygiene compliance rate in the United States Hospitals is low despite the fact that there is glaring medical evidence that supports the connection between poor hand hygiene and healthcare-associated infections (HAI). It is hard to comprehend why hand hygiene has become a challenging task to healthcare organization to achieve, for nothing is as easy as hand washing; it one of the simplest methods of standard precautions. It is apparent that if healthcare workers do not correctly follow proper hand hygiene, the consequence of poor hand hygiene is devastating to patients and their families alike, for contaminated hands are a conduit for the spread of an infectious disease.
The purpose of this paper is, therefore, to bring a change of behavior on Parkland Memorial Hospital nurses regarding hand hygiene and to advance a safety culture so that the spread of infectious disease becomes under control. Without addressing the issue of poor hand hygiene first, any grand scheme to
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The problem emanates not only from the deficiency of knowledge but also from low compliance rates. Megeus, Nilsson, Karlsson, Eriksson, and Anderson, (2015) stated, “Results from a systematic review of hand hygiene in intensive care units and general wards showed a mean compliance rate of 40%” (p. 99). The main reason for noncompliance is not having an organizational culture that does stress the importance of performing proper hand hygiene. In healthcare organization where there is a just safety culture, healthcare workers are sensitive to risk. As such, they share information about mistakes made to prevent the same mistake recurring and they constantly work together to identify and avoid mistakes from happening again (Carroll,

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