Essay On Plastic Surgery: Power, Coercion, And Colonialism

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Plastic Surgery: Power, Coercion, & Colonialism
Cosmetic surgery has grown tremendously since it was World War II, when it was first used to help injured soldiers reconstruct their damaged bodies. Over the years, more and more people, mostly women, have been getting plastic surgery for fact that they don’t feel beautiful enough. Kathryn Pauly Morgan points to the rise of woman getting plastic surgery and how women 's bodies have become seen as a representation of how woman should look rather than embracing women for who they truly are. A lot of these ideals are being spread throughout the world through plastic advertisements that make woman rethink their bodies. This has had a massive effect on South Korean women, where they see ads for chin
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A lot of plastic surgery is warranted with the hope that people, particularly women, will find that the plastic surgery has turned them into someone who will be wanted by men. When describing why women get plastic surgery for the approval of men, Morgan found a woman who “came to see Dr. X for the holiday season. I [the woman] have important business parties, and the man I’m trying to get to marry me is coming in from Paris.” In a male- run world, women are made to feel the need to get their approval any way they can. Morgan describes what plastic surgery can mean to women in the workplace; “It {plastic surgery} offers her {women in general} the potential to raise her status both socially and economically by increasing her opportunities for heterosexual affiliation (especially with white men)” . When it comes to getting a promotion at work, the difference could come down to what your appearance is and not so much on your skill set. Society has set out to make women believe that the bigger their breasts, butts, lip, etc. are, men are going to find you more attractive and you’ll get that position you want. Making the decision to get plastic surgery to secure a position in the working world isn 't just saying you want that job; it 's a investment in yourself through …show more content…
The women has made the decision that she isn 't good enough for society and seeks the help from those that have the skills to make them “beautiful.” The surgeon now holds not just her life in (most likely) his hands, but also holds the tools to make this woman more “attractive” by social norms, her future confidence within herself given by the surgeons work, and the opportunity for this person to find love. As Morgan stated “And now we are coming to know the knives and needles of the cosmetic surgeons—the knives that promise to sculpt our bodies, to restore our youth, to create beauty out of what was ugly and ordinary.” The surgeon 's role is important because not only is this person the one who has to complete these extensive and difficult procedures, they’re also the ones who have “the magic wand” to physically transform (or conform, however you see it) a person social life overnight. Then when women finally have the approval of their male

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