Essay On Physical Therapy

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Out of the entire academic and professional programs that presented in class, the one that caught my attention is Physical Therapy. Before the presentation, I already have an interest in physical therapy because one of my friends is in this program and I hear that physical therapists are usually happy with their jobs. This program would be a good fit for me because I enjoy working with other people and I want to help them get better by treating them, as well as helping them feel better by talking to them. These are the reasons why I find physical therapy attractive. However, this program might be a challenge for me because there are a lot of details and information that I need to remember. And for anatomy class, I think it would be hard for me to remember everything about the human body. I know that during the summer after 3rd year, physical therapy students have to go through a “Human Anatomy” class and this sounds scary to me. According to an upperclassman, he said that some people threw up while taking this class. I hope my interest in physical therapy can surpass this fear. …show more content…
I find physical therapy the most interesting because I get to actually help other people to get better, instead of just relying on medicine. Besides that, I get to know them personally, and get to see them improving under my care day by day. There are eight specialty areas in physical therapy, they are: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary, Clinical Electrophysiology, Geriatrics, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Pediatrics, Sports and Women’s Health. The one that is particularly attractive to me is Geriatrics. Geriatric physical therapy helps people with aging problems. I find this attractive because my parents are getting older and I would like to find the way for them to carry out their normal activities, as they grow older later on. Likewise, I would like to help other elders to lead their normal life. The personal strengths that I can bring to this career are compassion, detail oriented, dexterity and interpersonal

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