Summary: The Importance Of Exercise In College Students

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Many college students do not include exercise in their regular everyday life. The average individual in college is far too busy during the week with work, studying, and the other basic needs of being a college student to worry about whether or not they are getting the proper exercise intake. They are too concerned about their next test or their next assignment due rather than caring about if they are physically fit. However, college students are age the age that at least 150 minutes of physical exercise is needed at least 2 or 3 days a week. Many college students do not even do any kind of vigorous exercise at all during the week, especially online students. A student may feel like they should prioritize their academics over their physical …show more content…
A typically college student, such as myself, has a mindset that they do not have the time nor money to go to the gym for an hour or so every day let alone 2 to 3 times a week. It is possible to change that mindset and turn the way a college student thinks about physical exercise. After doing research, it allowed myself to see the benefits of increasing my exercise would do to my physically but also mentally. According to American InterContinental University (AIU), scientific evidence is showing that regular exercise is showing an increase in cognitive benefits for college students (2012, September 14). Research has been done to show how necessary exercise is and how it can can have profound effects on the brain. AIU states that a New York Times article repurposed a study from 2011 that shows that exercise prevents shrinkage of the brain and may even cause regrowth (2012, September 14). This allows for the brain to retain more information and allow college students to memorize and remember things such as test materials and daily reminders. Exercise will also boost an individual’s mood and concentration and allow them to have a positive attitude which will allow them more motivation to focus on their academics rather than being tired and falling asleep during their lectures and study sessions. One of the biggest factors that physical exercise can reduce is the amount of stress that college students go through during their time at college. Physical exercise is important in any individual’s life but it is the most important in the emerging adulthood ages. It is extremely crucial in this age group because the effects that individual’s make during this time will affect them down the road whenever they become elder and their bodily systems start to

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