A Career In Social Work

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Personal Statement
Like many other students, my career choice has changed and evolved along with my personal growth and experiences. I have explored many fields, including education, law, and psychology. Through these explorations, I experienced a multitude of interactions with people of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and beliefs. I was also able to experience the way in which members of each field utilized the overall values of their field to interact with such individuals. The most significant reason why I have chosen to pursue a career in Social Work is that I believe the values of the field of Social Work align the closest with those which I hold in highest regard. I believe that it is my inherent duty to use the abilities that I have
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While I currently know that I want to work with youth in a Social Work setting, I am not clear in exactly what capacity. Two areas of interest for me are in a foster care or adoption setting and a medical setting. The opportunities provided to me while earning my education at Washington University will help me narrow my field of interest and help me to further prepare for future work in this area. I would like to have the ability to successfully provide help to these youths. Important areas that my service must take into consideration are race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and any other influential factors for individuals. My education at the Brown School of Social work will help provide me tools in working with a variety of populations as well as practice of these tools in Social Work practice for successful implementation in my career. Along with this practice, implementation of the values I hold and that are highly prevalent in the field of Social Work will aid me in providing ethical, effective service. Overall, I ultimately want to help a vulnerable population in society. My education facilitated by the Brown School as well as the values of Social Work will help me achieve such career …show more content…
Much of my development arose through my employment experience, such as my position as a supervisor in the Wisconsin State Fair Admissions Department. This job involves supervising employees at a designated entrance and assisting customers with problems or understanding policy. I have learned how to appropriately govern and advise a multi-generational staff while maintaining respect for individual differences. In this position, I have needed to practice professionalism in many situations, such as interacting with disgruntled customers while maintaining a calm, respectful demeanor. I am also employed at the New Berlin Princeton Club in as a child care agent. As an employee in this area, I provide fun and safe care to children while their parents use the health club’s facilities. This position helped to develop skills of creativity when interacting with and entertaining children, leadership when advising coworkers, professionalism when interacting with club members, and organization when keeping track of the children and their items. I have also continued these practices in my work with the After-School Care Program at St. James Catholic School in Madison, WI. In addition to my employment experiences, Volunteerism has contributed to my set of skills. The largest event with which I have volunteered was a week-long summer camp offered to Girl

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