Patriarchy Vs Women

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In the views of society men are more superior then women. As we have defined as Patriarchy; a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. Men are socialized into patriarchal masculinity and whereas women are into femininity. Society’s patriarchy says its “okay” to support the male power, it helps make the systems of domination seem normal. “The patriarchal view is to support male dominance all the way”(Jenson 2014).Gender also plays a huge role within society. Gender is more of an open idea it may or may not depend in biological traits whereas sex is “the biological traits that societies use to assign people into the category of either male or female, whether it be through a focus on chromosomes, …show more content…
41% yes, 59% yes” ( As we all are aware of more of the obvious places where patriarchy and gender roles are shown; workplace, parenting, etc. Society sets double standards of sexuality –meaning women being criticized for having sex when a man would not be. On an average basis women and men do the same job but why is it that men earn more than a women. In my opinion men just earn more cause of their masculinity, they seem to be more deserving. Some common jobs for men are software developer, computer engineer, project manager construction. Whereas women are in the medical field or teach at schools as teachers. On a daily bases in a household a man is usually the one that works “outside” of the house for example he’s the one that works and who gets the income for the house. Women are the ones that stay home who take care of the household chores and their kids. Gender displays are such as guys wear shorts and a t-shirt while woman wear dresses to be more “ladylike”. Family traditions are passed down to each generation implicating that males are the head of the households and females simple housewives. From the time of birth to the time they die, kids are expected to be “who they are” meaning to say to act as their given …show more content…
Culture is also a very big part of society; each culture has different expectations it “can be defined as the language, norms, values, beliefs, and more that, together, form a people 's way of life. It is a combination of elements that affect how people think, how they act, and what they own. American culture, for instance, includes everything just mentioned. It also includes our history, architecture, accepted behavior, and so much more” (Long-Crowell). Thinking about all this makes me feel like our lives are controlled by society even though we are said to have “rights” by this state. Even throughout my life I was being called the teacher’s pet not because I wanted to be the teacher’s pet but because I was labeled as that, but what others thought about me being a teacher’s … pet to me it meant being respectful to my teacher’s(labeling theory) . I believe in everyone being treated the same every sex, race, gender, age all of these should be accountable to be seen as equal in society. I also believe in feminism and that all women should get equal pay for the same work men do. As we can see the world has changed a lot from being help as captive to being able to do whatever they want. Now the only thing society hinders behind in is the gender equalities set for both men and

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