Essay On Parental Roles In Catcher In The Rye

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Parental Figures Play a Major Role in the Growth of a Child
Parents can be instrumental in helping a child figure out who they are. Without having someone serve as a parental figure, children would lack an example; they would not understand how to approach things; however, if those children have someone to help them, their path would be much easier to follow. Amir, from The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, and Holden, from The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger, both look to adults for the parental guidance that they do not receive, but while Rahim Khan helps Amir become a more responsible and truthful person. Holden’s would-be mentors fail him and his dad is not there for him. When someone tries to mentor Holden, he lets that person’s advice
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Antolini wants Holden to take pride in his actions. He wants Holden to be able to meet up to his expectations; in doing so, Antolini wants Holden to become more mature. Amir wonders what type of father he will be in the future. Will he be like his father, a coward, or will he be like Ali, showing affection to his kids? Amir wants to take the role of a good father towards his kids. He says, “the idea of fatherhood unleashed a swirl of emotions in me. I found it frightening, invigorating, daunting, and exhilarating all at the same time. What sort of father would I make, I wondered. I wanted to be just like Baba and I wanted to be nothing like him” (Hosseini 184). Although Amir’s journey will be tough, he realizes that he himself has to find a way to meet his expectations. Amir notices that he does not have someone to help him approach his journey, until Rahim Khan teaches him how to atone for his …show more content…
Although Holden does not seem to realize it, Antolini is acting as a fatherly figure towards Holden by patting Holden on his head. Patting Holden’s head is a symbol of Antolini’s infatuation for Holden; it is a symbol of Antolini’s love for Holden that cannot be broken. Although Baba shows favoritism towards Hassan, Amir still shows his love and affection for Baba. Amir is lost, he does not know his plans for when he grows up. He hopes that his dad will make it through the cancer that attacks him. Amir tells Baba, “I wish you’d give chemo a chance, Baba” (Hosseini 156). Amir does not want to see his dad go, but once again, Baba seems to block what Amir says; in doing so, Baba passes away. Amir loses all of his hope. All of the problems could be addressed between Amir and Baba, but Baba passes away prior to Amir finding out about his father’s biggest

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