Essay On Palliative Care

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Health care costs a lot and it is an enormous threat to the health care system. According to Gawande (2010), a lot of medical spending is linked to the terminally ill. The outcome of patient’s care can be improved with palliative care. This care is focused on helping patients achieve optimal quality of life. Palliation is not a cure for the patient’s disease, but it reduces the unwanted effects (Cole and Kuebler, 2013). Nursing school has increased my knowledge on how important hospice and palliative care is to the health care system. However, palliative and hospice care can improve the value and reduce the cost of health care (Giddens, 2013) Symptoms of patient’s can be identified and treated quickly, which will alleviate unnecessary hospital admissions. Hospital admits to the IUC, lab work, and expensive procedures will drive up the cost for the patient and …show more content…
Good quality of life is to be coherent, while having adequate function of extremities. If a terminal debilitating disease or sudden injury severely impaired my physical function and left me incoherent, then I would not want life sustaining measures implemented for me. A life under these circumstances to me, however, is considered just to exist in life and not living life. Optimal function is important because it will determine the quality of life one will have when faced with a terminal disease (Cole et al., 2013). It is also plays a role in supportive care needed as the disease progresses. Many emotions surface when bad news is given to anyone. Therefore, coping mechanisms must be established, such as seeking support from a counselor, family, partner, chaplain or friends. I will us open-ended questions and reflective feedback when talking to patients, which will facilitate meeting their goals. I will not provide false reassurance, but be factual and honest. Also, I will assess spiritual needs because this provides a sense of

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