Essay On Osmosis

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Osmosis is a type of facilitated diffusion where water molecules move from high concentrations of water to low concentrations of water through a selectively permeable membrane. Osmosis is a way for water molecules to create equilibrium between a cell and its environment. For example, if the cell is a hypotonic solution and its environment is a hypertonic solution, then water will naturally diffuse to its environment to create equilibrium. The guiding question for this experiment was, “How does alcohol concentration affect the water content in cells?” It is related to osmosis because alcohol molecules are too large to diffuse through a selectively permeable membrane, which means osmosis takes place instead with water moving either
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The table that we made showed that when there was more alcohol in a solution, the amount of water in the cell was smaller.Osmosis is the process of water moving from an area of high water concentration to an area of low water concentration. According to the data table that has been presented, the masses of the initial amount of water are higher than the masses of the final amount of water in the cells. The model cells each hold 100% distilled water in them and three out of the four cups each hold some amount of alcohol in them. When a cell was put into one of the cups containing alcohol, the cell becomes a hypotonic solution and its environment becomes a hypertonic solution. Because there is more solute and less water outside the cell, water will naturally diffuse from the cell to the environment to create equilibrium between the two solutions. In this way if the environment has an even higher alcohol concentration more water will move from the cell to its environment and when the water moves out the cell’s size will decrease. Due to certain circumstances, we were unable to discuss with other groups and their arguments, but it can be inferred that because their investigations were similar to ours that their arguments and claim are similar to

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