Cell Phones Effect On Health

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When the word cellphone is heard, most people think terms like vital, revolutionary, in-touch, and social. Very few take into consideration the damages it tolls on modern living, especially to young adults. As per the American Trends Panel two out of three Americans own a smartphone. That is nearly 64 percent of the entire United States population, and to take into consideration 15 percent of the population are senior citizens and another 6.6 percent are under the age of 11. While cell phones have been extremely vital to society, too much of a good thing is always a bad thing. 85 percent of young adults are cell phone users. Unknowingly or one might say uncaringly cell phones are effecting their health, education, driving awareness, and lastly …show more content…
One major health concern when it comes to mobile devices are the germs and bacteria. A toilet seat is usually deemed dirty, unsanitary, and not an object that would be kept close by. A recent study from the U.K. found that A typical cell phone has approximately 25,000 germs per square inch compared to a toilet seat, which has approximately 1,200 germs per square inch. Many young adults are attached to mobile devices, unknowingly this is puts an increased load on an already hardworking immune system. Another highly concerning health factor is the increased stress that smart phones produce. From the endless chirping of countless mobile devices, to the mini heart attack it seems to be misplaced. Believe it or not these play a key factor in stress intake. Researchers from the University of Worcester found that “smartphones users have increased stress levels when they don 't receive text messages. Users often have an obsessive need to check every incoming message or alert.” (International Business Times). This extra stress from always being ‘Connected’ is an extra burden that must be carried. Lastly Smartphones increase the risk of cancer. Mobile phones transmit and receive data though frequency waves. While these waves are deemed too slow to be considered ionizing waves such as x-rays studies by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences are working on many cases gather more …show more content…
Driving is the number one killer for young adults. Why make it more dangerous than it already is. With a smartphone, you are always ‘Connected’ this makes it hard to disconnect. With the social media, news, and friends it’s hard to always be in the now, something new is always happening. With being connected there’s a price to pay, 11 young adults die every day because of texting and driving (Cell Phone Use While Driving Statistics). According to a AAA poll 94 percent of young adults acknowledge the dangers of texting and driving but 35 percent admit to doing it anyway. Texting and driving makes a driver 23 times more likely to crash. Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study of commercial drivers revealed that texting while driving was the riskiest type of driver distraction, making drivers 23 times more likely of getting into a “safety-critical event.” (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute 2009). Do not be one of the 11 people who die every day, put the phone down. Texting is not the only way to be distracted by your phone while driving. Another popular way young adults use their smartphones while driving is for music. “Pass the Aux Cord” is a popular saying among this group. While driving, the focus should be driving, not the news, not social media, and not music. Trying to become a DJ while driving can lead to many dangers situations. Many drivers fail to realize how quick

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