Essay On Napoleon Bonaparte Religion

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Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 on the island of Corsica. At a young age, he obtained a royal scholarship that enabled him to study at a military school in France. Through his diverse talents, he later became a lieutenant in the French army. Subsequently, various victorious wars, he became Commander of the French armies. Napoleon soon acquired the faith of the people and carried out the coup d’état. Coup d’état was an overthrow of the directory (the government at the time). As a result, Napoleon established a republic known as the consulate. Soon after, Napoleon’s army conquered the Austrian, Prussian, and Russian armies. Through this, he created a Grand Empire, which consisted of three dominant fractions. They were known as, the French …show more content…
Subsequently the reign of Emperor Napoleon I, Catholicism remained to this day, the majority religion of the French people. Whether religious or not, a person should always be allowed to practice his religious beliefs. One of the things that made the legacy of Emperor Napoleon I marvelous was his religious toleration. Albeit the Revolution attempted to create a new order based on reason, its effort to enforce dechristianization was truly an abominable act. Just because a person has different religious beliefs or doesn’t agree with another religion, he should eliminate it? Part of the efforts of dechristianization was the adoption of a new calendar. This meant that each month was composed of three 10-day weeks. As a result, Sunday worship services and church holidays were removed. Fortunately, when Emperor Napoleon I rose to power, he established peace with the Catholic Church and also accepted the practice of other religions. One of the greatest things about his characteristics was that he took the good impacts made by the Revolution and eliminated the bad. For example, he put an end to the policy of dechristianization and kept the relics of feudalism abolished. Napoleon’s wonderful legacy as a liberator made many marvelous

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