My Personal Decision-Making Process

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The concept of a manager has always seemed to me as someone who possesses the ability to create a structure that allows certain goals to be obtained. A manager gathers sufficient information to make the best decisions possible in a timely manner. These decisions could be seen, for example when a manager has to hire someone from a group of potential employees, allocating resources, and adjusting to new obstacles. I believe I have some of the quality needed by a manager. I posses technical (technology), conceptual, and soft skills. The certificates I have obtained in my field back up my technical skills. I have an eye for being able to see the overall consequences of my decision and not only to a particular decision. The greatest role I posses …show more content…
I’ve grown accustomed to not always jump to conclusions. During my life I’ve seen people jump to conclusions, including my self, and fail. I like to acquire as much information as possible and create multiple alternatives before coming to a final conclusion. The problem I’ve experienced with the method I have developed is that it requires a lot of time to gathering more information and plan out alternatives. I’m in the process of trying to develop more of a directive approach so I could make decisions quicker using logical. Logic is a strong skill I possess that I believe is the key to help me take greater risk in my …show more content…
In my past I’ve made many bad decisions in the workplace. But these experiences thought me want not to do and the consequences that arise from them. My ability to return to school and obtaining my GED and Associates degree with a 3.89 GPA is an example of my determination. I once tried to get fired from a job I had, but the manager in charge of me didn’t want to let me go because of my work ethic. The days I would come into work I would always do such a great job, because of the pride I have for the work I do, that they were reluctant to terminate

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