Essay On My Passion For Animals

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Surrounded by open land and quite enough to hear the birds from afar I sit on my front porch swing with my dog beside me. As I look at him, I remember why I work so hard at school and think about how my compassion towards animals has led me to become so interested in the well being of animals. Because of the situation that we went through, it became clear to me that I not only had an interest, but a passion for helping animals when hurting or ill and that I would love to do everything that I possibly can to help them through their pain.
My family and I got home late from school and my dog did not run to the gate with his usual excited eyes. I saw him lying in a large patch of grass, in a lifeless state, I ran to his body where only his eyes looked up to meet me, however they did not have the normal spark of life in them. It was already dark, so I started to feel his bones, I could not feel anything out of the ordinary and was starting to think that he was just tired. It was not until I reached under his fur covered back leg, felt a warm
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This excitement pushed me towards working to become a veterinarian. Through this passion I have been allowed to shadow the same vet that helped me take care of JD, and I was able to see more of the amazing things that veterinarian do for animals and their owners. Trying to do everything I can to help animals and their owners is a huge part of who I am. This interest turned passion not only pushes me to try my best in everything I do as I work towards vet school, but also pushes me to try and learn everything I can about animals so that when one does become ill, I can help care for them in a safe way. I have been defined by this strong interest and I am glad to say that it is leading me to a place where I will be able to help both animals and

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