Personal Narrative: The Leadership Of Mrs. Lori Pierce

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The most effective leader I know is Mrs. Lori Pierce. Most recently, she was my speech coach, but she was also my drama director and 6th grade teacher. Also, she is the elementary coordinator. In the community, she serves on the Alpine Village Retirement Home Board of Directors and is an active member of the United Methodist Church. Clearly, Mrs. Pierce has the resume of a good leader, but what really astounds me is her ability to work with people of all ages. There are a lot of good coaches in various activities, but Mrs. Pierce is not only a good high school speech and drama coach, but is an amazing 6th grade teacher. Plus, she is a leader amongst the faculty and maintains a lot of respect from her colleagues. She is not afraid to stick …show more content…
Pierce took over the job as director. In my past three years of drama, our plays had consistently landed in the bottom two at competitions – or director showed no enthusiasm and as a result, neither did the cast. Mrs. Pierce completely turn around the department. In a remarkable contrast to years before, the play was cast by the end of the first two weeks and rehearsals had started. Our cast had doubled from the year before, and everyone was enthusiastic for the production. Every morning we had rehearsals at 7 a.m., and unlike the year before, every cast member showed up every morning. She was very matter-of-fact about what the expectations were to be the play (two people were actually asked to resign from their roles due to lack of commitment), and because she treated it seriously, so did the cast. In previous years, the drama department was given last priority by the administration, but Mrs. Pierce demanded respect for us, and we received the most support from the school and community that year out of all my years in drama. At our final competition, we scored in the top half and received a record number of outstanding actor awards in our recent school history. In my opinion, Mrs. Pierce is an exceptional leader because by leading with humor and by example, she can motivate a wide range of people. She creates a path for others to follow, even when the odds are against her. By treating others with respect and demanding nothing less in return, she earns her students admiration and compels them to do their absolute

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