Special Education Scholarship Essay

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Shannan Campbell
College of Education Scholarship Essay Upon graduating high school, I was unfortunate enough to not have any idea what I wanted to do with my life. I moved from Florida to Massachusetts and began studying Biomedical Engineering at Wheaton College, primarily because my father thought that would be “a cool thing to study.” I was unsure of myself and unhappy with my major, and seemed to have no goals for my future career. When I thought about my future, my thoughts fell along the lines of, “I’m going to get a degree in ‘insert amazing major here’, and then a job in that ‘insert amazing field here’”. These blank lines were an opportunity, a space that would soon be filled with passion. The college randomly assigned me
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While it is not my intention to teach Special Education in a self-contained classroom environment, I am motivated to teach in an inclusive classroom environment. Teaching has been the highlight of my days the last couple of years in my internships, and it is my intention to further my own knowledge of differentiated instruction and learning disabilities to help me better address the needs of my diverse students. While my achievement in classes demonstrates my commitment to learning as much as I can about teaching, I think that my future goals and determination to achieve them is a more accurate depiction of the contribution I hope to make to education as a whole. As I transition from earning my degrees to teaching in the classroom, I find myself setting more goals for my future teaching and learning endeavors. First, I plan to create a rich learning environment for my students using evidence-based practices and concepts that I have learned in my classes and internships. Second, I will spend several years teaching and studying through inquiry and self-reflection- learning how my teaching practices and other factors affect the learning of students. Finally, I intend to return to UF for my Ed.D and share my knowledge and research with future educators to help improve public education for students

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