Essay On Muscle Dysmorphia

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Muscle Dysmorphia is a real disorder. It is not known of by many people but there are a lot of people that Suffer from this disorder. Muscle Dysmorphia is a serious disorder that regular gym goers may be victims of and the causes are all around from multimedia, to seeing weightlifters in the gym that are much bigger than everyone else or as simple as looking at one’s self in the mirror.
First off, the internet is big cause of Muscle Dysmorphia. Based on this study from The Media’s representation of the ideal male body it showed “that there was measurable body dissatisfaction in men as reflected in an increased difference between the level of muscularity that they perceive themselves to have and the level they would ideally like.” (Leit) There are so many pictures that people see on a daily basis that have these amazing models that gym goers are striving to be. These pictures have been edited and the athletes in the photos may be on other drugs that have helped their bodies grow in unnatural ways that an average person could not achieve. From looking at these pictures one may see themselves and start to think that they are small that the work they have done isn’t good enough that they need to push themselves farther. Making them feel small, when in reality they might not be
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They go to the gym and have so many good work outs receiving wonderful compliments and are actually growing from their weightlifting journey, but their minds don’t accept it. They always seem to think they are small and there little gains don’t mean anything. They aren’t enjoying the gym anymore because of Multimedia, all the huge weightlifters in the gym and the mirror so they just keep pushing themselves. Eventually they may hurt themselves or because they aren’t getting big fast enough turn to using steroids or any other unnatural way to grow. There are so many induvial in the weightlifting community that is suffering from this

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