Essay On Mt St Helens

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Mount Saint Helens Devastates the State of Washington The 1980 Eruption of Mount Saint Helens was a moment to remember in history. The eruption of Mt St. Helens was devastating. The damage done costed lots of money. The eruption was huge and blew lots of ashes into the air and forest. Many people and animals died. The skies remained dark for days. It is by far the most destructive and violent volcano recorded in North America (Bagley). Mount St. Helens had been dormant for as long as we can remember. It had erupted on May 18, 1980 (Bagley). The eruption had costed millions and the wildlife and nature were destroyed. A future eruption is unlikely but you never know. Mount St. Helens is in the Washington State and is the most active volcano in the Cascade Range (USGS). The range has many active volcanoes because its falls in the …show more content…
Helens was terrifying, it was unbelievable that a dormant volcano with no absolute record of eruptions from the past thousands of years had erupted. The date of eruption was May 18, 1980. There were a few clues on March 27 because the volcano started spouting ashes and steam. By the time of mid-May, there were more than ten thousand small quakes (Seymour 7).The eruption was caused by an earthquake that measured 5.1 on the Richter scale (Fast). The energy released was about equal to ten million tons of dynamite (Seymour 7). The force was so great that the forests couldn’t stand a chance (Seymour 9). Miles of highways, roads, and railways were badly damaged (Seymour 9). The blast made the volcano 1,314 feet shorter (Grisham). Many people and animals died, about 57 people and 7,000 big animals (Grisham). The landslide had buried the lake and all the nature had to start from scratch (Mount St Helens: 35). Economically, Mount St. Helens was the most destructive in U.S. History (Bagley). Thanks to our advanced technology, the fatality rate was much lower than without advanced technology

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