Grocery Store History

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The phenomenon of the modern supermarket is a product of the evolution of the needs of individuals. It represents a shift away from small scale subsistence; whereby, the food needs of oneself and one’s family were met, predominantly, through self-production, and what could not be produced/made was then purchased from a local supplier. 1 Unfortunately, the hectic pace of contemporary life, and the realities of two world wars reshaped the food industry into its present incarnation, which now controls not only what we eat but how much we, as consumers and producers, pay for their service. 2 However, our servitude to corporate interests does not need to be the enduring reality, many are coming to the realization that food can be produced in a manner …show more content…
10 The moment a consumer walks into the grocery store they are presented with a highly controlled environment, the purpose of which is to get the consumer to purchase more; 11 for example, the ambient background music is chosen to elicit a positive response from the consumer. 12 The store itself is an evolution from the early 1900s when consumers presented a set of demands to a clerk and they proceeded to gather the items. 13 How goods are displayed was a product of the evolution of the store. Whereby, some of the first stores were arranged as a “maze,”13a everything is designed to get you to purchase ever greater quantities.13b Now the consumer is beholden to the entirety of the goods offered by the store. 14 As such, they are more likely to make more purchases. 15 Even the location of goods is chosen in such a manner as to elicit consumers to buy more; for example, “milk is placed at the back of the store because it’s the item we’re most often in there for.” 16 Additionally, the entirety of a stores produce section provides the consumer with “the illusion of a farmer’s market.” 17 Furthermore, the stores started “introducing private labels,” 17a which was to become a staple of the supermarkets. Also, the “No Name Brand … communicates the notion that an item was produced and sold at the lowest possible price,” 17b the entire premise is ludicrous; it is an attempt to entice individuals into choosing between the same product were the only difference is the price associated with the corresponding label. This ensures that the consumer has very little control over what they

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