Essay On Marine Pollution

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Meghan Hahn
Mr. Polk
Honors English 10
16 December 2014
Working to Reduce Marine Pollution “You wouldn 't think you could kill an ocean, would you? But we 'll do it one day. That 's how negligent we are” Ian Rankin once wrote in his book Blood Hunt. All the time people neglect the ocean without even thinking about it and this must change for the good of people as well as plants, animals, and the environment. Marine pollution is a global problem and people contribute very much to the matter. Since the effects of pollution are so great, people must come together to agree upon what to do regarding this issue. While there are currently various laws and efforts in place to reduce marine pollution, people must continue to work in order to make a
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Some of these common pollutants include solid waste, silt and sediments, oil, petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, chemicals, pathogens, nutrients, and other organic matter. *citation* All of these pollutants contribute to contaminating the homes and bodies of many marine animals. Additionally, people are affected in many ways from marine pollution. Because the great risk humans and ocean animals have because of this problem, people all over the world must work for a change together. The international community must take each specific problem posed and deal with it individually to make an overall …show more content…
Reducing the amount of sewage, petroleum, nutrient, and pesticide pollution are common approaches used to decrease marine pollution overall. By upgrading outdated sewage plants, people can avoid the spilling of it’s contents into waterways. Also, people should be controlling the amount of oil spills and occurrences that petroleum gets into water from other sources. Nutrient and pesticide pollution could be lessened by reducing runoff, or draining away of water, of fertilizer and pesticides. All of these ideas could be put into use if people would attempt to formulate laws banning these kinds of pollution. People have come up with many ideas and techniques to prevent marine pollution and help clean it up. Also, the jellyfish filtration system is a treatment technology that works to keep harmful chemicals from entering lake, oceans, and rivers through storm water (“Marine Technology”). People’s ideas and efforts matter and can really make a difference in the reduction of pollution, they simply must take it a step

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