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Battle of the Beads: The truth about Mardi Gras
The real origins of Mardi Gras and how it has changed to today’s celebration
When one hears the words Mardi Gras, typically there is an association with partying and lasciviousness. According to online surveys, it is estimated that around a million people will attend this year . And while the current festival does have a level of the party life, the festival is rather family friendly. Mardi Gras New Orleans conducted a poll on the top 20 questions people have about the celebration . At number eight it was asked “Can I bring my kids to Mardi Gras?” in which the official statement was “By all means, yes! Contrary to public perception, Mardi Gras are a family celebration.” Because the public perception is
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The public party perception is incorrect. Where there will undoubtedly be alcohol and some mischief, there will also be
• A non-commercialized parade
• Native Indians
• Live bands and music
• Dancing
It should be noted that there are also city ordinances which are in place to keep the celebration family friendly. To see a list of these ordinances visit the New Orleans City Council’s official website.
How are you planning on celebrating Mardi Gras?
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