Essay On Male And Male Leaders

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In order to examine the context of organizations whether influence the effective leadership, there was one more question in the interview:In your industry, you think men are more suitable to become leaders or women? The results of interviews which is totally different from the evaluations of male and female leaders about effective leadership. There are ten interviewees who think that men are more suitable to become leaders in their industries. Only five interviewees argue that men or women are both suitable to become leaders in their industries.

The reasons of supporting men to become leaders which are various. Firstly, male leaders are more better at the professional skills and operation capability.

I think male leader can do better in
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Most followers consider men are more suitable for the leader positions. Only a few number of interviewees think both men and women can become leaders in their industry. No one think that women can be suitable to leaders in the male-dominated industries. They also think that if women become leaders in the male-dominated industry and they would meet many challenges. Not only the environment of organizations would give them a big challenge, but also the gender discrimination and stereotypes would block their developments. Female leaders would pay much more effort and be more excellent comparing with male leaders. The following words are the comments of these interviewees.

Female leader need much more effort and sacrifice than male leaders. If male leader and female leader want the same position, female leaders may behave much better than male leaders, then female leaders may could get the position (Male interviewee).

In this environment, female leaders will a bit weak. Otherwise, female leaders must have a extraordinarily ability can get others’ recognition (Male interviewee).

I think female leaders may meet the gender discrimination. Unless women are more outstanding (Male
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This also relate to Chinese traditional culture, men played the key role in the society while women were confined to the family (Female interviewee).

Overall, the results indicated that in male-dominated industries, men are more suitable to the leader position comparing with women. Although there are a small number of interviewees think that men and women both can be leaders in male-dominated industries. If women are in leader positions they would meet many challenges. The communication with followers and the traditional culture in China both factors which devalue the effective leadership of female leaders.

Moreover, the results further proved the opinions of Eagly (2007) that female leaders received more comments and more expectations which made them difficult to succeed without enough competitiveness and effort. The environment of male-dominated industries is hard for female leaders to establish relationship and get useful networks (Eagly, 2007). Therefore, in China, the traditional culture and organizational context are the key factors which influence the development of female leaders in male-dominated

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