Is Prince Hamlet Crazy Essay

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Crazy, or not crazy, that is the question. Just because someone acts a certain way, does not always mean that they are actually that way, right? In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the main character, Prince Hamlet purposefully sets out to act insane, and the assumption is that he is pretending to be insane the entire time. Many would argue that Prince Hamlet is actually insane at some, or many points in the play. However, Prince Hamlet might be acting the entire time as he stated he would. One might also argue that Prince Hamlet has next to no control over his situation in this state of madness, whether acting or real. What if Prince Hamlet has considerable, if not total control over his affairs and outcomes in the play? Prince Hamlet’s seemingly …show more content…
He can turn things around his way, or talk to people to change their way of thinking or keep them on his side if he needs them. Prince Hamlet’s ultimate goal is to exact revenge upon his uncle for murdering his father. Prince Hamlet works in many small ways to achieve his revenge. For example, when he talks to Ophelia, he does so in a teasing manner to keep her interested in him, and to keep the story alive that he is madly in love with Ophelia. Though Prince Hamlet did not formulate this story himself, it is convenient because it draws attention from Prince Hamlet being insane due to other causes that may make suspicions arise about Prince Hamlet and his intentions. At all costs, Prince Hamlet’s intentions must be revealed to nobody, yet he must have some friends in trust to be able to carry out plans. Conveniently, Prince Hamlet has a very loyal friend, Horatio. Horatio does not question Prince Hamlet’s needs or intentions, but just what he is needed to do, and he does it. Prince Hamlet keeps Horatio in good favor for this reason. Another example of Prince Hamlet manipulating a situation to his favor is in Act IV Scene VI. Prince Hamlet sends a letter to his friend, Horatio, explaining a close call with death he had just experienced. Prince Hamlet was sent on a ship to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. There was also a document sentencing Prince Hamlet to death upon arrival to England. So,

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