Essay On Longer School Days

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“After World War II, the United States had the number one high school graduation rate in the World. Today, we have dropped to number 22 among 27 industrialized nations” (“Statistics- The Education Crisis”). Society’s technology is advancing faster than American people can keep up with. (2-3 sentences leading up to) Even though people think education would consume time for family and extracurricular activities, intelligent individuals would develop better career choices, a better rounded country to keep up with global competition, while attaining new learning skills.
Each school day should be longer because it would benefit decisions made upon career choices of the youth. “Less than half of Americans- 46 percent- finish college” (“Statistics-
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“By trying many different things, you find out a lot about yourself” (Grooms). According to Connor Grooms there are many ways that benefits learning: relating to more people, and becoming better at learning. Students would benefit from one on one time with teachers. The learner would have undivided attention; there would be more time for communication, understanding, opportunities, and feedback. Overall, extensive school days would benefit students who want to have a successful life and future. “An individual’s educational attainment is one of the most important determi-nants of their life chances in terms of employment, income, health status, housing, and many other amenities” (Levin et al. 4). A wider range of education would cause additional opportunities to be presented to students: higher college acceptances, and scholarships.
Unfortunately nothing has been done by schools to change the problems of deteriorating education; this has been an ongoing problem. Author Mary Burns explains that “as we often do with vexing issues, we’ve turned to technology—tablets for kids, computer-aided instruction, online instruction—as a way to compensate for poor teaching” (Burns). If the teachers would lecture the material gradually students would not be left behind, students would achieve academic success on a larger scale. Teachers are the primary source of education and are needed to continue the cycle of following
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America could help by adding longer and more school days in the year to help enhance students test scores, to provide clear career paths, and to build upon the expectations we have set for the future. Although education is suffering in America, nevertheless, longer school days would benefit the country drastically. Students need to be prepared for generations behind them to set an example to bring America back to good standards. There is hope for change, there is hope for improvement, and there is hope for

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