Essay On Latin American Colonization

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With the European domination in the beginning of the 20th century, many countries in Africa and Latin America sought to restructure their empire and gain independence from the colonization where there was a change in economic growth but not necessarily a change in economic development. A continuity through these times of colonization is the lasting legacy these countries have left through their fight against it.
Before the Cold War and the mass European domination post World War 2, these countries in Latin America and Africa were not necessarily content with their situations but not motivated enough to do something about their liberation. With the aid of the countries controlling them, their economic situations were stable enough since they were ultimately relying on foreign sources to monitor and take care of them. However, motivation grew from the foreign powers decreasing interest in those nations wellbeing and increasing interest in what they could do to better their own. In Africa,
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In Africa after Algeria’s independence and the abundance of deaths following it, many people actually went to France to look for worth because while the economic growth increased so did the birth rate and the country could not keep up. In Latin America the economically poor areas were not able to keep up with the efforts of the super powers of the world. Many countries in Latin America became third world countries after their independence because they were poor and had a ineffective government. This wasn’t what they had been hoping for during their fight for independence. Although the colonizers might be gone and the colonies other countries had on their new found homeland, their money troubles were anything but absent and a lot of time would pass before they would build their name and stature

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