Essay On Kubler-Ross Model Of Grief

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Grief plays a big part in one’s life, it not only connect with bereavement but also respond to any significant loss. It is a natural response of human to separation or loss of a loved one (Lake 1984). There are several models and theories that tried to explain the process of grief. In this essay the author will discuss Kubler-Ross model, commonly known as “The Five Stages of Grief”. Then will explore a case study of a terminally ill person who experienced these five stages of grief. Kubler-Ross model of grief first introduced by Dr Elisabeth Kubler Ross in 1969, through her book ‘On Death and Dying’ (Herbet et al 2011). This model was developed in favor of terminally ill patients. They include: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and …show more content…
Mary is a false name given to maintain the NMC code of ethics confidentiality. Mary was a 45 years old school teacher who lived happily with her husband and their only son then 18 years old. Mary felt lethargic and breathlessness more often. At first she thought she may be not fit enough so she started walking and moderate exercises and healthy eating pattern. Her symptoms not get any better with same so she decided to see the doctor. After few weeks her test results back and revealed that she had third stage of lung cancer. At first she or her family couldn’t believe the news. She was in a denial stage and thought its only mild breathlessness. Mary decided to take alternative therapy like multivitamins, homeopathy and even acupuncture. All her attempts failed and her attitude changed to partial acceptance of her illness. Mary felt anger towards God, she asked “why me”? Sometimes she shows unnecessary anger towards her husband and health professionals. During her treatment she shows some improvement and started to attend more spiritual activities even faith healers to extend her life. Mary wanted to see her only son’s graduation, getting job and his wedding. After few courses of chemo Mary was so sick and tired had no energy to bargain and she slipped in to depression. She stopped eating and refused to see visitors and even avoided talking to her own family. But with the help of

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